About the company

DRUK.ua - service for online ordering of printing products in one click

Modern technologies give us simple and clear tools to make printing available not only to professionals. Among the advantages of using our service:

  • available functionality of a personal account, selected layouts and products and a built-in editor for the most popular products;
  • quick calculations of any order without additional calls and uncomfortable questions;
  • the most accessible interface - now the process of ordering printing products becomes accessible to everyone;
  • print run from 1 piece of any required product.

At the same time, the market for printing services is growing every day. Competition among printers and the difficulty of finding customers forces many enterprises to look for new ways to work and develop. The DRUK.ua service invites all types of printing houses to cooperate, which are interested in receiving the following benefits:

  • a simple and convenient CRM system for managing and processing orders;
  • saving time when calculating the order - you will receive a ready-made technological map with the price of products in less than 1 second, because everything happens automatically;
  • promotion and support of your site according to the whitelable principle, as well as DRUK partner status;
  • detailed management reports online - which product actually earns you the most;
  • the possibility to automate and formalize the design studio at the printing house;
  • automated sales funnels and a constant source of new customers;
  • easy communication with a potential client and a modern tool for keeping current and returning lost clients;
  • a cloud file storage system with integration in the production process, as well as work at any point, because all services are online.