The module is designed to ensure easy and accurate calculation of production costs in printing houses.
Simplified calculation of production costs.
Ensuring accuracy and transparency in pricing.
Optimization of internal printing processes.
A convenient tool for printing houses of any scale.
You require the "Calculations" module if:
You have a large amount of orders and need to optimize the work of managers.
You need to reduce the time for order processing and avoid unnecessary manual work by providing automatic price calculation.
You offer customers additional options that require a quick automatic cost calculation.
You want to enable customers to independently calculate the cost of their order through your website.
Your printing house requires flexibility in calculations for various products, including both simple ones with a fixed cost and those that require detailed calculations.

Diverse Calculation Types

The "Calculations" module provides your printing house with a wide range of diverse calculation types to precisely determine prices for the services you offer.
Formulas enable you to create unique mathematical expressions to determine prices, taking into account various factors such as order size, paper type, turnaround time, and more. Price ranges allow you to set different price brackets for different parameters (print run, print format), enabling customers to easily compare the cost of various order options.
This diversity in calculation types provides your business with significant flexibility in pricing and calculations. You can tailor prices to your unique needs and production principles, offering your customers different options and pricing variants.


Flexibility in Pricing

The "Calculations" module is designed to optimize pricing in printing houses. This tool introduces flexibility in pricing in a simple and understandable way, making both the price determination process and interaction with customers easier.
This module applies two pricing methods. The first is a fixed price for a product, which remains constant regardless of the ordered quantity. The second is pricing based on a range. Implement flexible pricing for different order volumes by setting price ranges with the "Calculations" module.