Individual adaptation of the printing house management system to the specialization of your business

Service solution for printers with their specialization and processes
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Available modules for connection

Personal website-shop
The Online Store makes the ordering process easy and fast for your customers. Your clients can select products, receive instant cost calculations, securely make payments, and store order information in their personal accounts.
Alternative styles for the site
Replacing accent color, photos and texts are the features of the basic version. Special adaptation of the site to the specifics of the printing house and the needs of the target audience is an additional module for the site.
This module helps provide personalized and efficient customer service in your print house. Information about clients, their inquiries, and orders will be organized and transparent, enabling your managers to interact quickly and easily with customers, creating a positive customer experience. More about Customer Management
This module is focused on the speed and efficiency of order processing. It provides accuracy and reliability in order information, allows you to control the order execution chain, and ensures monitoring of managers' performance. More about Orders
Task Manager
A versatile tool for automating and systematizing real-time print house team management. It allows you to generate tasks, track production, and improve communication between employees. More about Task Manager for print house
This module is your assistant for precise material tracking and timely response to inventory levels. This information helps avoid production stoppages and allows you to always have control over material costs. Forecasting expenses and efficient inventory management become simpler with DRUK.
List labels
Special interface for products with contour cutting in sheets. You will forever forget about such questions as "How many of them fit on a sheet" or "How much does it cost X round stickers of Y size." Prepare a file for printing and a file for cutting. Support iECHO PK series auto cutter.
Prepress Automation
Bringing files to the standards of the printing house, automating the routine processes of processing files for production. Possibility of customization according to the needs of the enterprise.
Roll printing
Special interface on the site and in your CRM system. Calculation algorithms for roll jobs, file verification and imposition for printing and post-processing of products on rolls.
Work with contractors
Import of price lists of contractors and automatic selection of algorithms for contract work in the manufacture of parts or whole products.
API for integration
End-to-end integration of goods, payments, warehouse, and finance via API. Integration with your software or services in the server version.
Setting up a personal server
Selection and configuration of your own local server for storing files and installing services locally. Remote monitoring and support. Snapshots of file system states (the ability to roll back the state of a file or folder to the date you need).
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