This module enables efficient management of the product range within the online store of a printing house, taking into account its unique features and market demands.
Customization and personalization of items.
Adding products limitlessly.
Real-time calculation and viewing of product costs.
Creation of products based on templates.
The "Product" module is essential for you if:
You require a versatile tool to create various types of printed materials. This module allows the creation of diverse products, ranging from leaflets and flyers to custom-ordered brochures and books.
You seek a quick and easy solution for preparing a production plan. The module enables the swift creation of templates and new items, incorporating necessary unique characteristics and parameters effortlessly.
You dream of a system that allows importing ready-made templates to save time. This module features a template import function for products, significantly simplifying and expediting the website's content population process.
You have the need to calculate the cost of goods using different methods. This module provides the ability to utilize three types of calculations, each accurately reflecting the final cost of your products (more details on the Calculations page).
You dream of a more flexible catalog and product management system on the printing house's website. This module offers the capability to swiftly manage product availability and the sequence of displaying catalogs and items. It allows direct experimentation to determine the best interaction method with your audience without intermediaries.

Easy Product Creation and Template Import

This module stands as a pivotal component in your online product endeavors. It grants the ability to craft a diverse range of items tailored to your market's specifics and your business's unique demands. You wield complete control over the product creation process, enabling swift alterations whenever necessary. This adaptability allows seamless adjustments to production, accommodating new market demands and customer preferences limitlessly.

Additionally, you can import templates pre-configured for the rapid creation of standard products or aligned with specific standards. This feature ensures efficiency gains in both time and resources for your operations.


Flexible Product Management

This module offers a unique ability to easily manage pricing for your products. With it, you can add items with fixed prices or set prices based on print runs (using ranges or through the Bezier curve). This is incredibly valuable, especially when you lack a clear production plan and need to calculate the cost of an order.

What makes the "Product" module truly unique is its flexibility. Even after the initial price calculation, you can easily switch to a more accurate calculation method. For instance, after developing a production roadmap considering crucial parameters and costs, you can transition to a more precise calculation method. This empowers you to better control pricing, material usage, engage production staff, and optimize expenses, making your business more competitive in the market.