An application for Konica-Minolta equipment

Integration of the Task Manager module from DRUK.engine into the printer's equipment to enhance production efficiency.
Support for the Konica-Minolta ecosystem for user convenience.
Providing easy access to tasks and files for printing.
Minimizing errors through integrated information.
Increasing efficiency through a unified interface.
You require the "Konica-Minolta Application" module if:
You are looking for a convenient way to manage printing tasks without the need for additional computing resources.
You want to avoid errors by consolidating order information in one interface.
You need direct access to print files and the ability to quickly upload them to the printer.
You plan to stay within the Konica-Minolta ecosystem even when replacing equipment.
You want to find a solution to provide transparency on the status of orders during the printing stage.

Direct Access to Print Files

This important feature simplifies the printing process by allowing users to select and upload files for printing directly from the printer's interface. Instead of wasting time storing and searching for files on different devices, you can easily and quickly choose the necessary documents and send them directly to the printer.

This is especially valuable for professionals who regularly work with printing tasks. They can efficiently manage the printing process by configuring settings such as paper size, the number of copies, and other preferences without the need to exit the printer's interface. This saves time and resources, ensuring convenience and efficiency when working with printing equipment.


Easy Task Status Updates

This important feature allows users to accurately determine the status of each print task within the system. You can easily change statuses to precisely track the progress of each task on its path to completion.

For professionals and managers, this is particularly valuable as it enables effective task management and step-by-step tracking of progress. For example, they can set the status to "Awaiting Confirmation" for tasks that require verification and "In Progress" for tasks in the printing process.

This feature simplifies internal workflow organization and allows for more efficient order processing.