This module is aimed at automating warehouse management processes, tracking inventory, and controlling its distribution.
Enhanced material cutting functionality.
Reservation of materials when placing orders.
Efficient inventory management on the warehouse.
Automatic cost calculation after supply.
The "Warehouse" module is essential for you if:
You seek prompt access to information regarding available stock items. The module provides easy access to current data on product availability in the warehouse, enabling swift responses to fluctuations in demand and facilitating well-informed managerial decisions.
Your objective is to automate material and resource management. The module offers a user-friendly toolkit for automating printing house operations and all routine processes associated with inventory management, allowing you to focus on strategic business objectives. It includes features such as automatic material reservation and depletion, as well as optimized material cutting for enhanced resource utilization.
Your goal is to enhance control and transparency. The module establishes a reliable mechanism for monitoring the movement of material assets and grants access to detailed information regarding all warehouse operations.
You aim to streamline material management. This module facilitates efficient control over material quantities in stock, preventing overstocking or shortages and optimizing inventory levels.

Automated inventory level management.

The module enables automatic material reservation upon order placement and material depletion after production operations are completed. This functionality ensures real-time tracking of material availability and usage.

During order processing, the system automatically reserves the required quantity of materials to ensure their availability for further processing. After materials are reserved, the system automatically deducts them from inventory upon completion of the corresponding production operations.

With automated material reservation and depletion, production efficiency can be significantly enhanced, delays due to material shortages can be avoided, and timely order fulfillment for customers can be ensured. Such a printing house inventory management system allows for streamlining production processes and providing a satisfactory level of customer service.


Transparency in inventory management.

The "Warehouse" module allows for systematic monitoring of material availability in stock and automatic determination of whether they are running low or are sufficient for order fulfillment. Users can quickly access information about the quantity of available materials and receive notifications when their quantity reaches a critical level. Additionally, the module enables efficient management of the goods procurement processes for the printing house's stock.

Furthermore, the module enables precise tracking of where specific materials are being allocated, considering the movement of materials in the warehouse and their association with production processes. This allows for effective procurement planning, avoiding duplicate expenses, and reducing losses due to discrepancies.

Moreover, the module provides the capability to reserve materials during order processing. Our printing house management system allows for efficient management of resource availability and utilization, avoiding situations where materials have already been used or reserved for other orders. This approach contributes to increased efficiency in production processes and customer satisfaction through the speed and quality of service.