This module aims to streamline order processing and ensure efficient execution.
Efficient order management and processing.
Enhanced accuracy and reliability of order information.
Optimization of the order fulfillment process.
Monitoring and analysis of order execution productivity.
The "Orders" module is essential for you if:
You want a convenient way to manage all orders in one place, whether entered by managers or clients themselves.
You desire full control over every stage of order processing, enabling managers to track progress and promptly respond to changes or cancellations when needed.
You aim for flexible price management and discounts, allowing managers to adjust prices and apply discounts to attract customers and boost sales.
You need a special CRM system for a printing house to store all your order information, enabling easy access to order history, data analysis, and providing quality customer service.

Order Process Automation

Our CRM system enables your customers to conveniently and swiftly place orders through your online store. For instance, imagine a situation where a customer wants to order a brochure print. Instead of making a phone call or visiting in person, they can effortlessly upload their files, specify format, volume, and design requirements, as well as select necessary options like paper type or communication method. 

This streamlines the ordering process and saves time for both the customers and you. Once a customer places an order, the printing house instantly receives all the necessary information to proceed. Your manager will no longer need to spend time clarifying details or making constant calls.


Order Management

Our module provides you with maximum control over the order fulfillment process. You can easily view and make changes to orders, set priorities, track statuses, and manage delivery timelines. 

For instance, imagine you need to change the delivery address for a specific order. With the CRM system for the printing house from DRUK, you can quickly update the information at the customer's request. Such flexibility and control enable you to ensure top-notch service and maintain customer satisfaction.